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We build ideas. Inspired by the intuition, instinct and dreams of our clients, Capri Architettura & Paesaggio has pioneered a unique Mediterranean Rationalist style. Our vision pays homage to the clean lines and shapes of traditional local architecture, while at the same time reinterpreting them to keep pace with an evolving geographic and social context. With these philosophical and design guidelines, we have led a contemporary architecture evolution, exploring new aesthetic and functional frontiers with each new project, from the structural design and decorative details to the furnishings.

About Us

Our architectural consultancy offers the added value of a deep knowledge of this corner of Italy, from its historic context to its architectural style. At Capri Architettura & Paesaggio, we boast professional expertise in a number of different yet complementary disciplines to create all-inclusive projects that pair local sensitivity with global vision. Our studio was founded in 2015by partners Crescenzo Mariniello, Sergio Federico, and Salvatore Salvia with the goal of enhancing the quality of construction both new and renovated on the island. We promote the idea of integrating residential and commercial buildings as well as public spaces into the surrounding landscape and architectural context, while staying true to our contemporary and sustainable design sense.

Our Experience

Expertise and reliability are rooted in years of experience. Our eclectic group of partners includes Crescenzo Mariniello, who graduated in architecture from the Università Federico II in Naples. During his time at university, he also participated in an exchange program with the Instituted’Architecture de l’Université de Genève and took additional courses at the AA in London. These periods studying abroad helped him develop the ability to evaluate designs and projects with a long-term view and emphasis on innovation, as well as broadened his personal horizons both culturally and socially.

Sergio Federico began as an apprentice in his father’s studio, and later worked for the Agenzia del Territorio, where he honed his technical skills and began to specialize in analysing and creating local development projects.

Salvatore Salvia has been working for more than three decadesas a designer and supervisor for large building projects in both the public and private sectors.

Our Goal

Though the professional experience of our partners differ, we share a single goal: designing spaces that enhance the quality of life. Versatility, reliability, efficiency, and tireless research into new building techniques, technologies, and materials are at the core of each Capri Architettura & Paesaggio design.

We have built a vast portfolio of successful projects of various types and sizes over the years and expanded our network of trusted collaborators to ensure that each project proceeds as it should. We are able to involve Italian and international professionals and experts from a variety of fields to collaborate on projects, including colleagues specializing in materials, design, and interiors so each client is able to translate their ideas into reality. In addition to various private residential commissions, we have taken on renovations and restylings for commercial and hospitality buildings on the island. CAP also has close, trusted ties with the local building offices and authorities and has been called in as a consultant on a number of urban renewal projects to ensure that the historic integrity and surrounding landscape remain intact.

No matter what renovation project you have, we will respect your vision with open lines of dynamic and constructive communication from beginning to end. When we take on a commission, we know that we have a responsibility to future generations and endeavor to involve young and up-and-coming architects, technicians, and specialists to keep a fresh and innovative spin on all our projects. This openness to new voices and visions is reflected in the style of our current studio, where both the interiors and exteriors are defined by flowing spaces that eschew borders and limits for free movement of people and ideas.

Crescenzo Mariniello


Sergio Federico

Project Manager

Salvatore Salvia

Project Manager

Michele Ferraro

Graphic Designer

Marina Farella

Project Manager

Giulia Palmari


Cyr Migliaccio

Project Manager

Rosalba Vuotto


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